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Our Story

We are here to make your shopping jewelry accessible and easy.

Our vision is to turn into the worlds most renowned and valued jewelry brand.

One of the first United Arab Emirates jewelry company to serve GCC and the world via online e-commerce that aims at revolutionizing the jewelry and life-style E-Commerce scene in UAE with its firm focus on affordability, quality and outstanding user experience.

Introducing an extraordinary collection of exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces, thejewellerystore.com proudly specializes in custom made 18K Gold and Natural Diamond jewelry.
Our fine jewelry is made with great attention to detail and the highest standards in the business. Taking the utmost special care of our clients and providing them the hand-picked diamond jewelry. Yes, we are actual people, real jewelers and also we want to be your jeweler. We fathom and we believe that your jewels are more than just accessories, they are an extension of your personality. Then you have come to the right place.

From the moment you visit our web-store and for as long as we’re in touch, on or after our online team down to our delivery couriers, we’ll make sure that we will give you the service of satisfaction with friendliness, enthusiasm and your experience is as good as it gets.

With our genuine offers with no hidden charges, terms and conditions are printed, our commitments will be no ifs and no buts as honesty is our principle.

Everyone’s different and that’s why we’ll do everything we can to work around you. From delivery 7 days of the week to 3 months repair policy.

Meet The Founder


Founder & CEO

With his passion and love for diamonds and United Arab Emirates gold are made of quality where patrons can touch and they get excited, Mr. Vishal Shah founded THEJEWELLERYSTORE.COM in 2014 for his adoration of diamonds. After having a vision that everyone deserves a fine-looking diamond jewelry, he then realizes and wanted everyone to wear a beautiful and stunning but affordable diamond jewelry and ensures that it will always be inexpensive for everyone. Used as one of the key blast in voicing out each culture, fashion and personality, a jewelry piece is infused with oomph that can have positive effect on its wearer.

He is obstinate, he is perseveres and his work is focused on refined, elegant and timeless pieces that transcend fashion trends. Every piece of jewelry you wear articulates something about your bravura, but some piece convey a stronger message, and even tell a story. What surprises him the most was, how a piece of jewelry can tap into a feeling of connection how something as simple as a lovely piece of jewelry can act as a bridge of two people from the gift giver to the receiver as their language of love to each other. It may be an Affirmation Jewelry, Charm Bracelets, Mother’s or Grandmother’s Jewelry, Gem Stone Jewelry, Jewelry with Religious or Cultural Significance or Other Subtle Puzzles. Choosing a piece that’s eloquent to you and to your loved one will make it as essential a part of your jewelry wardrobe just like as a pair of classic stud earrings.